Are online degrees less valuable than a regular degree from the same university?

Online degrees have gained significant value in the past decade. Students choose online degrees for the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and number of options they offer. In a country like India, affordability and flexibility is a key which online degree provides the most. This is the prime reason students choose online degrees over regular degrees.

Now the question is, do online degrees have less value than that of regular degrees?

The answer is a big NO! The degree obtained from the online mode has the same value as that of a regular one. Well, there are some differences between them such as practical training and meeting people face to face, otherwise both the degrees carry equal validation and is accepted by the employers in both private and government sector.  People are still biased towards a regular degree when it comes to pursuing any kind of course but in today’s tech-savvy world, online degrees are not at all a bad option.

It gives a lot of flexibility and liberty to carry out with our studies anywhere, you don’t need to be physically present or travel to a specific place to earn a degree. You can pursue degree from any university you want without any geographical constraint. You can also connect with the university’s alumni network even if they are scattered around the globe.

The most significant advantage of online degree program is career growth for working people. With online degree programs, working professionals can upgrade their skills without quitting their jobs and increase their chances of promotion once their course is finished. Another significant benefit of an online degree program is the availability of subject-specific courses. In the offline format, there are no courses that are specifically designed for particular domains. Apart from this, there are other activities including frequent webinars, in-person conversations with subject matter experts, and alumni gatherings to learn more about available job prospects.


There are various universities coming up with new and advanced learning programs for students in both online and offline modes, such as Jain University Dubai Immersion Program and Doubt Clearing Session, etc. Jain University online is also launching a series of co-curricular and extracurricular activities to give you a complete learning experience. These activities will be driven through specific clubs where members from the learner community will be organizing various activities in coordination with the faculty and administration team at JAIN Online. The activities will focus on providing you with a platform to apply your conceptual learning and showcase your skills and talent. The activities will be for both virtual and physical for both online and offline students. These initiatives ensures that the students get the equal and utmost benefit from the course both in online and offline.

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