Which are the online degree programs recognized by UGC?

Before we get into the list of UGC-recognized online courses, let us first define UGC and the functions that this entity performs. UGC stands for University Grants Commission, which was established as a statutory body by the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India in compliance with the UGC Act 1956 and is tasked with coordinating, establishing, and maintaining the standards of higher education in India. Now, let’s talk about what an online degree is and why one should pursue one. So, an online degree is a type of curriculum that can be pursued on your device at home with a stable internet connection. Degrees or courses obtained through the internet carry the same weight as traditional ones. Although there are significant differences between the two modes of education described above, the validity of these courses is unaffected. For both the public and private sectors, online courses are as valid and authentic as offline or in-person courses. The primary distinction between the two is the classroom experience that the learner has when taking the course. The only requirement for the validation of an online course is that the institute that offers these courses be recognised by a statutory body functioning under the government of India. UGC covers 100+ online degrees, both at the bachelor’s and master’s level, and some of them are:

Bachelors in business administration, Bachelor of Arts (Economics, History, Political Science, English, Urdu, Hindi) Bachelor of Computer Applications, Bachelor of Commerce, Journalism & Mass Communication (both bachelors and masters), Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Commerce, Masters of Arts, Post Graduate Program in Data Science, Masters of Computer Application, Master of Science, etc.

Above were some of the popular courses that can be pursued online, and apart from the above-listed degrees, there are tons of other courses that are rendered by different organizations and are registered under the University Grants Commission, or UGC.

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